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Agricultural Services

Farm Layout Design and Drafting

No matter what livestock you are housing, layout and yard design have an important bearing on the efficiency of a farm and the ease of stock management. Middlesex Concrete Forming Ltd. is big enough to take advantage of the most advanced software, tools, and equipment available in the industry. At the same time, we pride ourselves in remaining small enough to provide remarkable individual attention to each and every project. We are a family run company that pays attention to detail, with a keen eye on safety, quality, and schedule.

Nutrient Management Services

The Nutrient Management Act requires any building or structure used to house animals or manure to have an approved Nutrient Management Strategy (NMS) or Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) before a building permit will be issued. This applies to all farms that generate more than five nutrient units and are proposing to build, expand or renovate.

Without proper nutrient management, nutrients can be dissolved in soil and go into surface or ground water by leaching or runoff; surface and groundwater can become contaminated; on-farm drinking water, community wells and other drinking water sources can be affected; and valuable nutrients will be lost which may result in reduced crop yields or additional costs for commercial fertilizers.

We will put you in touch with professionals for the development of your nutrient management strategy/plan and provide you with geotechnical engineering services if required.